Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Don’t Get It | U.S.S. Mariner

I do get it Dave, The Mariners added a bat that they needed. The Mariners Slugging this year is near .200, Kotchman has been horrible and Branyan might hit another 15 homers this season or more for the Mariners. The Mariners can still turn this around. I know that 1995 is a once in a decade thing (see 95 Mariners and 2007 Rockies) but maybe it could happen. Then again realistically the Mariners are not only out but if they play .600 ball the rest of the way, they will win around 83 games. Which will make them at least respectable. Remember this is the team that all they had to do on the last game of the year was to loose to get Steven Strasburg, and they ended up winning.... I am happy the Mariners Front Office cares about winning :)

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