Friday, February 19, 2010

OOTP 11 is now available for Preorder

OOTP 11 is now available for a low of $24.99

Spring Training is just around the corner, and what would a new baseball season be without a new iteration of the best baseball management simulation on the market? Out of the Park Baseball 11 will be released in April 2010, and is now available for preorder!! Better still, this year, we're offering an extra-special discount! From now through the end of Sunday, you can purchase OOTP 11 for just $24.99, $15 off the list price! That's justthree days at nearly 40% off! Preorder customers will also receive the game two days before the public release of the game.
  • From now through Feb. 21st: $24.99
  • From Feb. 22nd until the day before release: $29.99
  • From game release on: $39.99

Here are some of the new features

We've added some new screens and redesigned the user interface this year, making the game more accessible and more fun to use! Some of the more important UI improvements include:
  • The ability to mass-select players, making it easy to perform mass transactions like demoting several players simultaneously
  • An improved League Standings screen, introducing three additional views (expanded view, view by sub-league, and wild-card view) and clinch indicators
  • A completely redesigned Manager Home screen, with a dynamic season timeline, that acts as a portal to your most critical management tasks
  • An improved Simulation screen, that shows standings, league leaders, and league news while you sim
  • A Team Stats screen that shows team statistics and rankings, as well as team records by various splits (record vs RHP, home/away records, etc.)
  • A new Manager Notes section, featuring editable text notes and custom reminders
  • A Player Comparison screen, in which you can compare two players side-by-side
  • More customizable news subscriptions, so you can get just the news you want in your inbox
  • A new record book feature introducing single-game records broken up by game type ("Who hit the most doubles in an extra-inning playoff game in your league?")
  • The game ships with three different skins

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