Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fan Graphs Mariners Drafts 2006-09

I found this article very interesting. First thing thou,

the organization scored a major victory with the best pure hitter in the draft in Ackley. He should move quickly in the system and could even be in the Majors by the end of the season, depending on the club’s needs. The outfielder had a nice debut in the Arizona Fall League where he hit .315/.412/.425. If we’re looking for negatives, he did strike out 19 times in 20 games. With just one homer, he also showed why his bat profiles better in center field than first base.

Ackley is projected to be a 2nd Baseman, not a First Baseman or Center Fielder. He was first baseman in his Junior Year because he was recovering from Tommy John Surgery. I don't think that he will have the power to be a 1st Baseman. If he has the rang then I see him displacing Jose Lopez at 2nd Base.

I also found that the 2006 draft was the 2nd best draft since 2001, the biggest problem thou is that we traded all the arms away. Morrow went to Toronto, Tillman is in Baltimore along with Butler. Basically the Bill Bavasi Mariners will rapped  in the 2008 trade of Eric Bedard. With the Morrow trade thou, we got Brandon League who should project to do better the next couple of seasons. Morrow has more upside but he also is a more risky player...

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