Monday, February 22, 2010

Confirmed features for Baseball Mogul 2011

These are the confirmed features for Baseball Mogul 2011. For me I am not too excited until I see a Demo. If the Free Agent Bidding is what I think it will look like, then I will buy it in a heart beat! 
  • NEW 2010 Rosters and Ratings
  • UPDATED Statistical Database
  • All team and players stats from 1871 through 2009
  • Includes the complete 2010 MLB Season Schedule
  • IMPROVED Historical Simulation Engine
  • SMARTER Artificial Intelligence
  • Free Agent Bidding Wars
  • Improved award selection algorithms
  • IMPROVED Roster Management
  • New "Unretire" Button
  • IMPROVED Player Development Engine
  • More realistic long-term talent distribution
  • IMPROVED Play-By-Play Mode
  • New "Skip Inning" Button
  • "Base Coach" added to Extra Base Dialog
  • NEW FEATURES for multiplayer leagues
  • Adjustable cash limits and guidelines
  • New "Simulation Password" option
  • Easily Import Free Agent Bids and Trade Offers
  • Amateur Draft Editor
  • All-Star Game Improvements
  • All-Star Game score displayed on Calendar Page
  • All-Star Game playable in Play-By-Play Mode
  • Improved manager artificial intelligence
  • IMPROVED Help Files and User Interface
  • Netbook-compatible
  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • More than 100 new Player Photos
  • More than 50 new Season Schedule Templates
  • Over 100 other fixes and improvements...

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